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C Like Coaching - Virginie Chrétien Magnard
Virginie Chrétien Magnard - Life & Executive Coach

... Virginie Chrétien Magnard, married and a mother of three. With an international experience of over 20 years within industrial, commercial and banking groups, I quickly understood the issue of personal development and the need to support people.

Convinced that we do not need to be going badly to make improvements, and in order to break the often repetitive pattern of failures, helping people to become aware that the key is within them, I became involved in a dynamic based on progress.

Trained and Certified in Executive Coaching at HEC Paris and a member of the EMCC (European Coaching Association), I am also a certified MBTI practitioner.

Trilingual and multicultural independent coach - I've lived and worked in Madrid, London, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Paris - I have the characteristic of having developed my abilities in Emotional Intelligence.

I accompany adults in their quest for self-fulfilment and for them to surpass themselves, in the fields of Life Coaching and Executive Coaching, both in France and abroad, over the course of individual or group face-to-face interviews, as well as remote coaching via Skype.


The coach works in the present by looking towards the future.
He or she is fundamentally differentiated from psychotherapy, as problems are not dealt with by working on the subject's emotional and psychological past.

The coach does not provide 'turnkey' solutions to the client, like a consultant would do; instead, he or she helps individuals to discover their own potential for achievement and excellence, as well as their limits and manifestations of their potential. But the coach cannot make the decisions, nor walk the path on the client's behalf. Instead, a learning phenomenon is created, an essential tool in the spirit of coaching.

The coach becomes involved at the heart of the situation, and accompanies the client in implementing resolutions via close monitoring and technical and psychological assistance, thus completing the training component of the service.


... a prior interview with the coachee allows for a reciprocal first meeting, whereby the needs of the coachee and his or her expectations can be developed, with a view to better determine the context.


... a meeting is organised with the client company and the coachee so that coaching objectives can be formalised in a joint manner, as well as the expected changes. The client represented by the Company or HRM has an ambitious yet realistic expectation.


...I will elaborate a service proposal, defining the number of sessions and the methodology required.

In order to be effective, coaching requires the total engagement of the coachee, who must be prepared to dedicate the time and effort needed to achieve his or her goals.


... between the coach and the coachee or the coach and the client company. It covers the practical arrangements for the task at hand, the financial terms and the duration of the process.

The coaching takes place during a one hour or one-and-a-half hour session, at predefined intervals, whether face-to-face or over Skype.

Virginie Chrétien Magnard

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