Clike Coaching - Coaching


In the 1990s, coaching entered into the corporate setting, where the concept of support made its entrance. Global training in a management context was no longer enough. Customised support became a necessity, support that would take professional development into account as well as personal development. Today, anybody can use coaching services.

Coaching is aimed directly at a person – or a group of people united on a common objective – in his or her setting, with a view to accompany him or her on a path to complete a project, adapt to a new environment, or even resolve ongoing conflicts.
Coaching takes its dynamic, among other sources, from the principle that real solutions, those that individuals adhere to and which generate a true desire to succeed in them, are those where they themselves are the authors.
Thus, for those that use it, coaching is not a sign of weakness, but rather the expression of strength of character, which they choose to use to efficiently support them in their search and mobilisation of resources that are yet to be exploited.