Emotional Coaching

Emotions constitute an interesting resource through which to tackle certain problems, and offer the coachee a new and rich approach with respect to a given situation.
Emotional intelligence at the individual level and at the company level is still the unknown ingredient in the recipe for competitiveness.

It’s a company’s degree of emotional intelligence that determines its ability to optimise its intellectual capital and its productivity.

The use of emotional intelligence in coaching opens up new perspectives and allows for the coachee to tackle things that are:

  • essential,
  • felt,
  • experienced.

Awareness has its roots in resonance with an emotional experience.

On the road to achievement, emotional coaching allows the coachee to:

  • learn to understand, manage and channel emotions,
  • focus on becoming aware,
  • to refocus, you need to learn to let go,
  • to regain the energy that’s inside you,
  • to manage your stress.